Before Selecting A Hosting Provider

If you are intending to make your portal available on the internet, you will be in need of a hosting provider. There are many service providers in the market and some of them are offering it free of cost, while some of them offer it at a higher cost. Which option to be selected depends on how you will be using your portal and your spending capacity as well. Also, it becomes essential to determine how much you can spend for the maintenance of the server that will make your portal to float on the internet world. Here, you can take a journey towards the different hosting options available so that you can make the right decision:

Internet service hosting provider (ISP): If you have internet service available on your system, your ISP will be providing you with a minimal free internet space for creation of web pages swiftly. This would be suitable only if you are planning to set up a small website and there will only be a limited number of visitors to your portal. Furthermore, features offered under this category will be lesser as compared to other types of services.

Free hosting: If your ISP does not offer any internet space, free web hosting can be suitable to you. Even though, under this category, the features will be more, it will be lesser as compared to a paid service. This option will be suitable for small business web pages and if you are serious businessman, this will not be ideal as the majority of their servers are supported by advertisers, which will be disturbing you a lot. This type can be helpful just for testing your portal. But, it will not be suitable for your business website unless they turn off the advertisement.

Standard paid hosting: Under this type, you will have to pay typically a certain sum of money each month to the hosting provider. The cost of their service will be somewhere between one to two dollars per month to several hundreds of dollars per month. Generally, this will depend upon the service you need. Generally, the services under this category includes extra bandwidth, extra space, SSL, eCommerce, ASP, database support, CGI access, etc.…

Generally, professionele web hosting companies will be offering different packages for their customers to select from. So, when such a professionele web hosting company is selected, there need not be any worry about the selection option available for packages.

Mike ter Stege is an online/internet entrepreneur providing quality services for website owners. These services include domein, domeinnaam, SEO and much more. Beside named services i also provide impartial advice for website owners to help them translate their activities into an online success.


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